Since 1988, I have regularly worked with theater, mostly as a musician but also occasionally as a composer. I enjoy the effort of people from different disciplines working together towards the common goal of making a performance as good and interesting as possible. I think that the complexity of theater is what makes it attractive as well as so challenging and difficult.

Music for Theater

Below is a list of the productions I’ve been part of, live on stage:


VEDERVÄRDIGA VERSER  (Vile Verses)                    Riksteatern (The Swedish National Theater),

                                                                                               Stockholm 2003-04

                                                                                               director: Stina Ancker

                                                                                               music: Kjell Nordeson

PINOCCHIO                                                                      Dramaten (The Royal Dramatic Theater),

                                                                                               Stockholm 2002-03

                                                                                               director: Agneta Ehrensvärd

                                                                                               music: Niko Röhlcke

JOHANNA                                                                         Orionteatern, Stockholm 1998-99

                                                                                               director, choreographer: Mats Ek

                                                                                               music: Niko Röhlcke

PÅ MALTA (tour)                                                               Orionteatern/Riksteatern, Stockholm 1997

                                                                                               director, choreographer: Mats Ek

                                                                                               music: Niko Röhlcke

CABARET                                                                           Stockholms Parkteater, 1997

                                                                                              director: Åsa Kallmér

                                                                                              music: John Kander, arranged by Jan Levander     

MERLIN                                                                             Stockholms Stadsteater (The Stockholm City Theater),


                                                                                              director: Ronny Danielsson

                                                                                              music: Bengt Ernryd    

TYP 931 OIDIPOS                                                            Stockholms Stadsteater, 1992-93 

                                                                                              director: Etienne Glaser

                                                                                              music: Johan Petri 

SJÄLENS FÅGEL (The bird of the soul)                        Riksteatern (co. prod.), 1991-92

                                                                                              director: Eva Gröndahl

                                                                                              music: Bjarne Löwdin 

GUDAR OCH MÄNNISKOR (Gods and Humans)      Manegen, Stockholm 1991

                                                                                               director: Johan Petri

                                                                                               music: Sten Sandell  

WOYZECK                                                                         Orionteatern, Stockholm 1990-91

                                                                                               director: Lars Rudolfsson

                                                                                               music: Per-Åke Holmlander     

GUSTAF III                                                                         Stockholms Stadsteater, 1988-89

                                                                                               director: Fred Hjelm

                                                                                               music: Bengt Ernryd  


In the productions below I participated as a musician of recorded music.

(The pieces had no music performed live)

DON JUAN                                                                         Dramaten, Stockholm 1999


FARAN AV ATT BO PÅ NEDRE BOTTEN                   Stadsteatern, Stockholm 1997

FAUST                                                                                  Sveriges Radio (Swedish National Public Radio) 1993                                

SPINDELKVINNANS KYSS                                           Riksteatern, 1993  


PRÄRIEHUNDEN                                                             Riksteatern, 1991                           




Torsten Föllinger, Orionteatern, 1990